Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

We provide Storage Solution to the customer for storing their information. We are successfully implementing information technology projects for medium and large companies and have a best-of-breed team of seasoned IT professionals.

NAS - Network Attached Storage

A NAS device contains a slimmed-down operating system and a file system and processes only I/O requests by supporting the popular file sharing protocols, primarily CIFS for Windows and NFS for Unix.

DAS - Direct-attached storage

Direct-attached storage (DAS) is computer storage that is directly attached to one computer or server and is not, without special support, directly accessible to others.

SAN - Storage Area Network

A network of storage disks. In large enterprises, a SAN connects multiple servers to a centralized pool of disk storage.

Data Management Services.

This offering involves maintenance of client static data for different business lines in the front and back office.

We have Over 10 years of experience, so you always get the best guidance.

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