CCTV Surveilance

CCTV Surveillance

SATYAJEET INDIA INTERPRISES PVT LTD is a leading company in providing the world class video surveillance systems. The company offer a complete end-to-end video surveillance solution from traditional analog camera based solutions to high-end IP camera based solutions. The company also uses closed circuit television cameras for the surveillance in many modern cities and buildings. SIEPL offers proven IP storage solutions that integrate with the customers' existing infrastructure, including analog and digital cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and video management or other security software. The company provides cameras with long retention rates and high resolution at reasonable cost tags.

We offer Surveillance Solutions and allow its users to easily monitor and secure areas with security cameras. With this new state of the art technology, businesses can easily monitor places of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective. Surveillance is the monitoring of the behavior, activities, or other changing information, usually of people and often in a surreptitious manner.

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